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These are the types who have been dreaming of being professional escort ever since childhood. They make the choice of being pro players and so she grew up being a bad girl. This type of escort often shocks others by her actions and language.

Superficially she tends to behave like a good girl but at times may also find pleasure being a nasty escort. If you are looking around for such type visit :, always ensure you don’t hang around for much time with them.

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  • Blue collared

Most escort services in aerocity belong to this category. She turned to this career after being motivated by others. She is the type who is looking forward to this profession to support her family and kids. She made this choice during her early age and is now doing it as her profession.

Initially she could have been a waitress or an office working girl who is very much used to providing best customer service. She is also one who can keep you entertained for long hours.

  • Converted type

This type can also be termed as aerocity call girls and has probably been in the business for a number of years. She is also the one who may be wiling to ask customers with numerous questions.

At times she can be over cautious but may provide you with excellent service. As far as money matter is concerned she may not be willing to negotiate for rates with her customers.

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